431820_641966855820018_920281489_nI am not a big buyer of Art books. But when I saw this one, I just had to get it. The story of  how I discover this book is quite funny. I  was actually researching hashtags for this blog, when I stumbled upon this author. I was quite surprised by his extraordinary talent and by “THE PHOTOS”. I haven’t seen anything like it and, that in itself, is extraordinary.

About the author

Paul Sika is an Ivorian-born photographer and author. He was born in 1985. Paul studied Software Engineering in the UK and subsequently moved back to his native Ivory coast.

About the book

What to expect from this book? is it just a bunch of “Photoshop pictures”? Make no mistake, this is not your usual photography book.  Paul called his art Photomaking. In his book, he explains that he takes real photos with real people, but  then he projects his own vision into the photo. His subjects are usually a mixed of  people, nature, objects and animals. In more technical terms, Paul is not a graphic designer but a “….motion pictures director who uses a still camera…”. And as such, he must be a pioneer in this field.

My favourite chapter is the “Charbon Fire” which discuss the African Dream. I don’t know wanna give out too much, but this is a must-read section. I was ecstatic when I saw a section discussing  “what is being an African?”. The other themes discussed included corruption, identity, a bit of politics here and there, being an artist in Africa and the bad influence of “coupe decale” on the younger generation.

I find the book’s description on the website very interesting. I reproduced it here for the benefit this blog’s readers:

There are as many Africas as there are people perceiving « that thing » called Africa…

….this second edition of At The Heart Of Me is the visual and written first witness account of a young man who aspires to attain the African Dream. And what is the African Dream ? The African Dream is the African version of the Human Dream.

This book is only available,as an e-book, on Amazon.

I have put together my favourite pictures , you can visit Paul’s website for more.

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I personally love this book and I recommend it.

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