nothingcomescloseNow, I have to review this book…what review? I love everything about this novel. I don’t care what they say. Seriously, I will have to hunt down for any prior work of Ms Popoola. This is totally my kind of reading. I am a hopeless romantic, who likes to read chick lit and harlequin-style books, so I was thrilled to have read this one. While reading this book, sometimes I was just like, this could actually be my life, less the drama of course. A young professional with her entourage looking for love and fun, and living life to the fullest. Life is beautiful!

As usual, a world about the author.

About the author

Ms Poppola described herself as

…a writer, blogger and lover of books and all things literature. I used to be an Accountant, until I rediscovered my love for writing in 2006 and became a full-time writer in 2008. I’m the creator and one of the writers for the fiction series and book, In My Dreams It Was Simpler.

About the book

So, onto the story.  The excerpt goes like this:

….Confident, sassy, career girl, Lola meets cool, handsome, unpredictable hunk, Wole at a party in London. He pushes all the right buttons for her, and sparks fly. Wole is also irresistibly drawn to Lola, and before long, they get together in a wonderful romance. But Wole is not all that he seems, and he is holding back some dark secrets…

Intriguing right?

Lola has her girlfriends and ,obviously, Wole has his boys. Life is good or so I thought in the beginning of the novel. Lola had broken up with her long time boyfriend and Wole, well, to say that his life is complicated is an euphemism. Suffice is to say that a lot of dark secrets are lurking in the background.

To say that this book is captivating is an understatement. Apart from the love story, there is a murder investigation, an arrest and  meddling relatives (If you are african, then you know a lot about this issue). There is also a wedding (Hint: Not Lola’s wedding) and a trip to Lagos, Nigeria.

What I liked about this book? And why I loved it:

FACT#1: I haven’t read a lot of love stories involving African characters that are this…innocent. Let me explain. There is no issue of race, identity or politics in this novel. And I will be forever grateful for that. Those are important issues but I think sometimes we need a break from the hard issues, don’t you?

FACT#2: I really identify a lot with Lola’s character. I mean her whole life is so close to mine. So of course, I adore her. Busy life in the city, lot of friends, parties, brunches, shopping, breaks-ups, weddings…Truly I have rarely feel this close to a character. For example, when Lola is checking her ex-boyfriend’s pictures on Facebook, and, is thinking maybe I should un-friend this guy. That was so 2013 and so me.

-FACT#3: There is a mystery in this novel, so I had to bring out my “Miss Marple” self to solve that puzzle. When all was revealed at the end, believe me, I had no idea that Wole was carrying that kind of secrets. It was totally unexpected. But guess what, I loved it. It brings a twist to a predictable story.

-FACT#4: When are women going to stop being fools. I mean seriously, if you girlfriend tell you that she saw your man cheating on you, please I beg, investigate the matter before doing anything harsh. Unfortunately, it did not happen in this novel. Predictable!

-FACT#5: Never accept a drink from a stranger, you could end up dead. Happens to Lola’s girlfriend Maureen. I am sure there is a lesson to be learned here.

Ok Let’s recap, the novel is a romcom (romantic comedy) with a touch of mystery and you get to learn great life lessons. What’s not to like seriously?

As for all things in life, there is always a…. but.

What I liked less about this novel

-FACT#1: I was sad when the book end. It was too short, I wish it could go on and on. I guess I will have to wait for her next novel. In the meantime, there is always her blog.

-FACT#2:  I understand this story was about Wole and Lola, but I wish there was more on Lola’s girlfriend. Maybe there is a book forthcoming about the other characters, who knows?

That’s it!

In case, you were wondering what’s up with the title? At page 181 of the book (e-book version), Wole said to Lola:

…Nothing comes close to having you in my life. Nothing at all…

Hope you read this one! More importantly, hope you will like it. I obviously recommend.

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