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They are 7 Billions human living on planet earth. Out of 7 Billions, 1 billion people are poor.

Now, it is really important to agree on a common definition of poor. According to the UN, if you live on less than a dollar a day, you are very poor. This measure is used for the poor worldwide.

According to Wikipedia, poverty is the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. And absolute poverty or destitution refers to the deprivation of basic human needs, which commonly includes food, water, sanitation, clothing, shelter, health care and education. Relative poverty is defined contextually as economic inequality in the location or society in which people live.

I tend to agree more with Wikipedia than the United Nations. I have issues with the UN “less than a dollar a day”. So for the reminder of this post, we will adopt the Wikipedia definition.

You want to participate in the development on your country? You don’t really know where or even how to start.

Let me introduce you to books that will help you understand the problem and also provide practical solutions.

Understand the problem: Why is Africa the way it is? Understand the context, know your history!

In this section, I recommend fiction and non-fiction. The fiction work is based on reality.

1. Things Fall apart By Chinua Achebe (Nigeria: The Effect of the colonization)

Things Fall apart By Chinua Achebe
2. Pre-Colonial Black Africa By Cheikh Anta Diop (Africa: Ancient Civilization- Benin, Ghana, Mali…)

Pre-Colonial Black Africa
3. Weep, not child By Ngugi Wa Thiong’o ( Kenya: The Mau Mau Rebellion)

Weep, not child

Is Aid good or bad?

4. Dead Aid By Dambisa Moyo – Aid id Bad

Dead Aid
5.The white men Burden By William Easterly – Aid is Bad

The white men Burden
6. The End of poverty By Jeffrey Sachs- Aid is good

The End of poverty

Practical Solutions: Read, Think and Be the change you want to see!

7. Poor economics: A radical rethinking of the way to fight global poverty By Esther Duflo and Abijhit Barnajee (Education, Entrepreneurship, Family planning, Food, Health, Microfinance, Insurance, Policy, Banking & Finance )

Poor economics
8. The Challenge for Africa By Wangari Maathai (Environment, Agriculture, Economy)

The Challenge for Africa
9. The New Harvest: Agricultural Innovation in Africa By Calastous Juma (Agriculture, Economy )

The New Harvest- Agricultural Innovation in Africa
10. Rwanda, Inc.: How a Devastated Nation Became an Economic Model for the Developing World By Patricia Crisafulli and Andrea Redmond (Economy, Paul Kagame Initiative)

Rwanda, Inc.- How a Devastated Nation Became an Economic Model for the Developing World

Inspiration: Read and Be inspired. These authors have tried some of the most avant-gardiste idea and write about it!

11. Unbowed By Wangari Maathai (Leadership, advocacy, superwomen, change)

Unbowed By Wangari Maathai
Half the sky : Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide By Nicolas Kristof ( Advocacy, human rights, leadership, change)

Half the sky - Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide
Mighty be our powers By Leymah Gbowee (Leadership, advocacy, superwomen, change)

Mighty be our powers

Where do you go from here? The only way is forward!