Ramadan ended two weeks ago. May Allah (SWT) accepts our prayers and grant us a fulfilling life. Amen!

A big thank you to all of the people reading alongside me . I thank you for the support. You are awesome!

How did it go?Well,  I have read 1,5 books out of 3. It means that technically I have completed one book and is still reading another.

Second attempt at this challenge: Fail!

But, I have got a good excuse. Don’t we always do? While doing this challenge, I complete one full reading of the Quran in french (see below for the books). I read the 1234 pages in 30 days while I was fasting. Not Bad, uh!


10335852Just a quick reminder of the rules of my challenge.


1 author per country 

Genre allowed : fiction only (It’s Ramadan guys, not the best time of the year to think)

Francophone & Anglophone authors/books  will be mixed. No Arabic, unfortunately my arabic is not that strong!

Technically, Sudan is not part of North Africa but I will included it in my universe of authors from  Northern Africa. Because of the cultural ties  ( I am obviously referring to the northern part of Sudan) and the languages they share with the North.

The same reasoning applied to Mauritania. This country is rarely included in North Africa. But hey, this my blog, right?

About Morocco, I have decided not to separate Western Sahara. I support the struggle but I have to think of myself first. So Morocco and Western Sahara will count as one country ( I apologize if I hurt the sensibility of some persons, it is not my intention)

To put things in context, here is a map of Northern Africa


Updated List

  • Morocco – Read in Ramadan 2014


  • Egypt (Read book #1 in Ramadan 2013) – Currently reading book #2


Hopefully,  I will successfully complete this challenge in Ramadan 2015 Inchallah.