I am guilty of spending far more time than I should on twitter. Fortunately, i am following very interesting and informed bloggers. If you had only 3 bloggers to follow on twitter and your subject of predilection is African literature, I recommend these three.



#FollowHer for anything #Feminist and #Ghana.

I have learned a lot following her on Ghana and its huge blogging community, on Ghanaian politics and on african women writers.



#FollowHim for anything books in #kenya , #EastAfrica and Africa on that order. I love the fact that he writes a lot on events.



I just  love reading Malaka. There is always some sarcastic comments lurking somewhere on the background. I enjoy reading her commentary on every day issues. She is also a wonderful author I interviewed in this blog. Check it out here. You can also check my review of her novel The daughters of Swallows.


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